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Using a full range of manufacturer approved equipment, our qualified technicians will find and fix any issues with your vehicle.


Proud to be different. Proud to be a customer focused new and used car dealer working with Suzuki, Hyundai and Nissan in West Cumbria.

"The name above our door hasn’t changed in 96 years and we take some pride in that fact."

The Company, J Edgar & Son Ltd. is still entirely owned and controlled by the Edgar family and every one has come through the business from ground floor to partnership level, as they have always operated a "hands on" policy and, whether you’re dealing with a family member or a highly trained member of staff, you’ll still receive the courteous and helpful attention which is positively insisted upon.

Edgars place a high value upon experience and aim to provide their employees with a job for life should they choose. This means that a sizeable majority has been with the Company for many years. Employees are encouraged to improve existing skills and develop the same pride in their work that Joseph Edgar himself once insisted upon.

Modern workshop facilities combined with well trained and highly motivated technicians ensure that customers get the best possible service. After all, service is what we’ve been famous for since the very beginning. We have a reputation to maintain and all of us in the Company intend to guard it very jealously.

Visit our award winning NISSAN dealership at Rowrah 7 days a week, for New Nissan and CARED4 Used Car Sales, Servicing and After Sales. Or op into our HYUNDAI and SUZUKI dealerships at Dunmail Park, Workington 7 days a week for the latest range of New Hyundai and New Suzuki Cars, Servicing and After Sales or visit our Indoor Used Car Showroom for a fantastic range of quality vehicles.