Suzuki Parking Sensors Offer

Enjoy trouble-free parking when you have parking sensors fitted to your car - from £299

As parking spaces get smaller and even harder to find, the once-simple act of parking has become the bane of the modern motorist's life. With parking sensors to the front or rear (or both) of your car you can protect your new car as well as your family.

How do Parking Sensor work?
The parking sensors detect any obstacles behind or in front of your car; they also help your parking and enable you to get into those tight parking spots without causing damage to your car. Using ultrasonic technology they emit a cone of sound behind your car which bounces off obstacles behind and returns to the sensor.

What are the Benefits?
There are obvious safety advantages to having parking sensors fitted. Financially the sensors will pay for themselves if they prevent just one accident, as the excess on your car insurance is more often than not in excess of £100. Any claim you may make on your insurance could have a baring on your no-claims bonus, thus possibly increasing your next years renewal costs. Also, with the parking sensors you will feel more confident when parking.



Have Rear Parking Sensors fitted - NOW £299 (incl. VAT and fitting)


Have Front and Rear Parking Sensors fitted - NOW £499 (incl. VAT and fitting)

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