The new Suzuki Vitara unveiled

The Vitara has been a very popular car for the Suzuki brand since it was re-invented back in early 2015. The re-design has been well received and with the technology of the Suzuki brand behind it many customers are enjoying what the car has to offer.

The time has come for this great model to have a bit of a 'face-lift'! It still has great style but the most noticeable is the new front grille which adds a new dimension to the overall look.

What can you expect to see in the new Vitara?

• New updated engines
• New look dashboard
• New interior styling


To the keen follower of the Suzuki vehicles the Vitara hasn't so much been re-designed as re-fined. The initial styling has not see too many changes, but a new design to the front grille, the gleaming chrome features and the new colour options, definitely has improved the overall look of a car which was already a hit with customers. 

The popularity of the Vitara is evident with the quantity of them now proudly taking to our roads all over Cumbria. When you next see a Vitara, take a look at the driver....they will be smiling, because they know the secrets this car holds. Fantastic comfort, elevated driving position and the latest technology to keep you on the right track.


Boosterjet and ALLGRIP or not? Just a few options to consider when looking at the Suzuki Vitara here at J Edgar & Son. The Boosterjet engine is a success story from Suzuki. Combined with a body which is lighter, an engine which is more efficient and turbocharged, and you have a car which offers great acceleration while still managing to minimise the emissions. Add the benefit of Suzukis ALLGRIP system, there really much standing in your way. ALLGRIP is the 4-wheel drive system which adapts to your driving conditions such as rough terrain, rain and snow, so you get the feeling of full control.


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