Exterior Standout Design The Nissan Juke has never been shy about being different. In fact, the model has long adopted an aesthetic that ensures that standing out from a crowd is truly effortless. Sporty and athletic, curvy and with a sense of muscular determination, the unique silhouette of the Juke has always been able to catch the eye. From the signature new LED headlights and raised wheel arches, through to the hidden rear doors and clearly defined front end, the Juke has the ability to command attention wherever it goes.
Interior Personal Space Redefined It’s a bold claim to say that the interior of the new Nissan Juke is revolutionary, but it certainly redefines what a driver’s cabin should provide. A driver-centric cockpit complete with floating instrument panel has been crafted to ensure you’re in complete control at every turn. Some of the finest in-car technology from the manufacturer can be found at your fingertips, with the eight-inch touchscreen the hub of communication, entertainment and information. There’s even a seven-inch Advanced Drive-Assist Display available on selected trim levels to present you with all the critical driving information for the complete on-road experience.
Technology For the Ultimate Driving Engagement As is no doubt evident already, the all-new Nissan Juke of 2019 is a model that wholly embraces the latest in automotive technology. From the seats to the interactive touchscreen, there is plenty to impress the most discerning of contemporary motorists. But what of connectivity? With NissanConnect incorporating such cutting-edge technologies as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Google Home, you will be able to keep up with your day-to-day life even when out on the road. Seamless integration with your smartphone enables you to access entertainment playlists and selected apps, safely manage your calls and messages, and even provides satellite navigation services. If that’s not enough, the Juke also acts as a WiFi hotspot, enabling up to eight devices to connect.
Safety Complete protection guaranteed A model such as the new Nissan Juke represents the perfect family vehicle. As such, it needs the attributes of complete safety in order to protect you and your loved ones when tackling busy roads. With Nissan Intelligent Mobility, you can anticipate a drive that is backed by the very latest in vehicle safety, providing you with added reassurance and the utmost peace of mind as standard. ProPILOT technology, for example, enables you to maintain a safe and set distance from the vehicle in front of you based on traffic flow; in fact, the system can even automatically bring you to a halt and return you to speed if so required. ProPILOT Assist, meanwhile, has the ability to keep you centred in your lane on straighter roads.
Economy Drive with Confidence So, while the new Nissan Juke looks the part of cutting-edge crossover, provides exceptional in-car technology as standard, and even offers supreme levels of comfort, how does the model shape up when it comes to the drive? With a responsive turbocharged engine combining with efficient manual and automatic transmissions, the answer is remarkably impressive. Whether it’s a morning commute, the weekly shopping trip, or even a holiday with all the family, the all-new Juke is as capable as they come, providing power and fuel economy in equal measure.
Performance Economy and Power in One To add to the quality of performance on offer, the new Nissan Juke also features a selection of intelligent measures: quick power enables you to race from a standstill; precise steering offers handling that is accurate and responsive; and Active Trace Control ensures you enter and exit every corner with the utmost accuracy. As driving goes, it couldn’t be better. For those that wish to vary the experience, a selectable driving mode adjusts the performance features of the model too, providing you with the option of ECO, Standard and Sport to ensure there is responsiveness or fuel economy to suit your own particular preferences.