Nissan Micra Colour

An insight into our choice of car colour

When it comes to choosing the colour of your car, what are the deciding factors? Do we just go with what's available in the spec we want or do we have a specific colour which appeals to who we really are?

Maybe you're not really bothered about colour, or perhaps you go for a colour which does not need too much maintaining?

This is just a bit of fun; and is under no circumstances intended to offend or make you question your choice.

The following insights into our choice of colours have been taken from an online article - - courtesy of Jason Unrau


If your car is silver, it’s a sign of elegance, poise, and sophistication. The colour itself hides dirt and scratches quite well and is a practical choice.

If you drive a silver vehicle, you’re probably confident yet reserved. You are business-minded and modern, and strive to stay on the forefront of technology and innovation.

The choice of orange isn’t for most people; it’s usually the bold and outgoing who choose this bright colour. It screams positivity and is a stimulating, creative, and happy colour choice.

Those who drive orange cars are typically bubbly and spontaneous. They love life and enjoy the company of others.

Gold and yellow are also happy colours. Like sunshine, they are a symbol of joy and energy, and invoke warmth.

People who drive yellow vehicles are carefree and loving. They like to brighten the room when they walk in and are the life of the party. You’ll often find a younger crowd occupying the driver’s seat.

It’s similar to silver, but has some striking differences. Grey cars are less flashy and more subtle.

Those who drive grey cars are usually dignified and composed, not easily disturbed. This is the type of person who doesn’t like to make waves either, and goes with the flow.

Red is an assertive colour, but not necessarily angry. It holds a dominant place on the colour palette, and is usually equated with a zest for life and an outgoing personality. The colour expresses fun and ambition.

If you’re a red car owner, you’re an Alpha personality.You like to be the centre of attention and you recharge your batteries around other people. You don’t stay in one place very long and want to be active at all times.

Spy movies always have black cars because of the mystique associated with the tone. Black is striking and can be slightly menacing, although it’s usually more regal and rich in appearance, much like a tuxedo.

Do you drive a black car? Well, you might be someone who either likes to clean their car alot, or perhaps you are a Daniel Craig look-alike!

White is the colour of freshness and purity. There’s an innocent quality to white, a willingness to be transparent.

If you choose to drive a white car, you’re open but can be reserved or shy. You appreciate simplicity yet enjoy modern, clean living. You don’t have anything to hide from the world.

The colour blue is often associated with sadness or solemnity, but that’s not always the case. Blue, especially lighter hues, are bright like the sky and calming. Dark blues are mystical and serene, like the deepest ocean or outdoors on a moonlit night.

If your car is blue, you probably possess a happy yet quiet personality. You enjoy the company of others but recharge when you’re by yourself.

Earth tones are usually calming and reserved, understated even. They aren’t commonly flashy, although bright greens can be similar to the attitude of orange.

You may be considered frugal and probably have a consistent routine. You don’t change things in life often, especially major items, like your car. You’re environmentally conscious and love the outdoors.

They say people choose dogs that resemble their owners! Well, now you may have discovered some new aspects of yourself or your personality that you didn’t know before, all because of your choice in the colour of your car.


It is our hope that you enjoyed this little insight; will your bear it in mind when you next come to change your car??

Courtesy of Jason Unrau - www.autoguru/com/au