Tracker Offer

Protecting your car doesn't have to cost the earth

Available at only £250 is the TRACKER Retrieve

At J Edgar & Son we are now able to fit the UK's market leading tracking device to your car. So, should the unfortunate happen and your vehicle goes missing, you can will be able to track its whereabouts and retrieve it.


4 superb TRACKER products on offer - prices from only £250

  • Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve - This protection has its own built in power source, overcoming the issue of power drain on your vehicle, making it the ideal protection system.
  • TRACKER Monitor – In the event of theft in which the vehicle is moved without the ignition being turned on, a motion sensor will alert TRACKER who will then notify yourself. On confirmation of theft and receipt of a police crime reference number, TRACKER will emit a signal which will allow the police to track your vehicle to its exact location.
  • TRACKER Locate - This device is operated by UK police forces; TRACKER Locate can inform the police of the initial location of the stolen vehicle, and they can use TRACKER technology to track the exact location. This product also alerts TRACKER if there is any attempt to jam communication system.
  • TRACKER Cat 5 Plus – This system uses driver tags to identify if the driver of the vehicle is authorised. If a tag is not present when the vehicle is started, the customer will be contacted through TRACKER to confirm the vehicle's location.


Owners of vehicles fitted with TRACKER Locate and TRACKER Cat 5 Plus have exclusive access to MyTRACKER which is a website that will allow you to set periods of time when your vehicle will be inactive, thus generating an alarm if your vehicle is used within this time. Another alert is sent should your vehicle cross over the UK borders. In event of either scenario, you will be contacted via your preferred method of communication.

You can also set reminders of important dates or events, and look at reports on the usage of your vehicle, including data on your distances travelled, roads used, CO2 emissions and much more.

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TRACKER is the UK's leading stolen vehicle recovery system. With more than 20 years experience and over 1 million TRACKER devices fitted, the result is the recovery of £479 million worth of stolen vehicles. All TRACKER products are accredited by Thatcham.