Nissan Air Condition Re-charge Offer

If you turn your air conditioning system off in winter it can leave condensation in the pipework. This, together with heat from the engine, provides an ideal breathing ground for bacteria and mould spores, which an result in sore throats and allergic reactions.

Also, in the winter months windows tend to mist up if the filter is blocked, as the warm air stream cannot circulate properly. 

Car manufacturers recommend a full air conditioning service is carried out at least every two years although many suggest an annual service., Air conditioning systems can lose up to 50% of their efficiency which puts the system under added load and reducing fuel consumption.

This service generally is overlooked as air conditioning systems are usually just used to cool down the temperature in the vehicle and make us feel more comfortable, however if not serviced and checked annually, the moisture created by the system can become mouldy.

Fungus, and bacteria also build up in the vehicle's ducting system causing 'stale' smells in your car and can aggravate medical conditions such as allergies and asthma. Your air conditioning system can be treated with our Anti-Bacterial Treatment, this destroys the bacteria growth and leaves your car smelling fresh again.
Your air conditioning system also filters pollen from the air, so as part of our service we check the condition of the filters to ensure you remain protected from hay fever. If the filter(s) appears that it is needing replacement, this can be done whilst in our care (charges may vary - please check with our service department for details).

An Anti-Bacterial Treatment should be carried out annually. We inject a foam into the venting system and pollen filter chamber to leave your system clean, fresh and free from contamination, after which a pleasant smell will fill your car.

An Air Conditioning Service & Anti-Bacterial Treatment involves a deep vacuum recovery of the refrigerant from your system. The refrigerant is recycled, cleansed and dried before re-gassing the system – with the addition of compressor oil to lubricate the moving parts - to improve efficiency. Just as your engine requires fresh oil regularly to avoid wear and tear on its components, the same is true for the gas in your air conditioning system.


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